The Joyful Bear Summer Book Tour

Margaret Meps Schulte and Frank Lloyd Bear take The Joyful Bear on tour!

The Joyful Bear in Bellingham, Washington

Thursday, August 4 at 7 pm

Presentation and signing at Village Books

1200 11th St, Bellingham, WA 98225

Margaret Meps Schulte returns to Ohio in October with both of her giant cartoon series:

  • Thursday, October 6 at 3 pm at the Westerville Senior Center
    Meet the author of the internationally-acclaimed “oddest title of the year.” Margaret Meps Schulte, the author of Strangers Have the Best Candy, speaks about her passion for talking to strangers and making new friends from chance encounters. She shares tips to help the audience have more rewarding encounters with strangers, leading an attendee to say, “You’ll come away with at least one new friend.”
    The presentation is accompanied by Meps’ giant cartoon series, “How to Talk to Strangers.”
  • Monday, October 10 at 3:30 pm at the Westerville Senior Center
    Margaret Meps Schulte, the author of The Joyful Bear, presents the principles of teddy bear philosophy and explains why teddy bears are not just for children. In the humorous book, Meps’ teddy bear, Frankie, shares his cheerful teddy-bear value system and explains concepts like Being, Right Speech, the importance of changing your mind, and what you can do with your magic superpower.
    The presentation is accompanied by Meps’ giant cartoon series, “Ten Things I Learned from my Teddy Bear.”

In case you missed it, here are some blog posts about The Joyful Bear events, with photos

pen and ink drawing of teddy bear picnic

The scene at Gasworks Park in Seattle on Sunday

  • Read about the unusual teddy bear who attended the first Teddy Bear Picnic, on July 24 in Seattle’s Gasworks Park.
  • Thank you to everyone who attended the Joyful Bear presentation at University Book Store in Seattle. We got some great photos of Frankie and his fans.
  • Thank you to those who attended The Book Loft of German Village event in Columbus, Ohio. The new cartoon series on teddy bear philosophy was a hit, and there are a couple of photos on my blog. If you missed it, we’ll be back in Columbus from October 6-10, 2016.
Frank Lloyd Bear, Meps, and Mollie

Frankie and Meps with Mollie in Columbus, Ohio

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